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Captain of the Polish National Team of Children from Care Homes joins the 1st league!

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We are very happy to announce that Dominik Dziąbek – the best scorer of the 10th […]

We are very happy to announce that Dominik Dziąbek – the best scorer of the 10th Championship of Poland, the best player of the 9th Championship od Poland and the captain of the Polish National Teams, that won bronze medals at the 5th and 6th World Cup of Children from Care Homes, became a football player of the first league team, Chrobry Głogów! For several years we have been supporting Dominik in his football path – we are very proud of him and we are sure that we will hear about his football successes more than once!

Football portal wrote about Dominik’s path to the first league

The story of Dominik Dziąbek, the new Chrobry Głogów player, is the best evidence that you can become a footballer under any circumstances. All you need to do is manage your life well (read: have the right people as signposts) for hope to become something tangible. The 19-year-old opens up new prospects for children from care homes.

Dominik’s path to Fortuna 1st League is the perfect script for a movie. This movie would have bad memories, but there would also be a recipe for how to be happy no matter what. At the age of 9, Dominik was placed in care facility. His family home was not a suitable place for a young man. The sight of a drinking mother and a stepfather (he has no contact with his biological father) was the order of the day. One day he decided to get away from it. When he was sitting in front of the house, the police came with a teacher from his school. They took him to the police station. There, further steps were taken which led Dominik to the “Osówka” care and educational facility in Szczecin.

Sławomir Kremer, who founded the football section, works at “Osówka”. He established Sternik Student Sports Club, composed of children from care home. Mr. Sławomir laid the foundations for the future of Dominik Dziąbek. At first Dziąbek was not interested in football at all. Everything changed after meeting UEFA B coach Kremer. He gave today’s 19-year-old’s football adventure the right track. When he saw a talent in him, he signed his ward up for Hutnik Szczecin football club.

Boys from FASE Szczecin trained next to us. The trainings were led by Paweł Ozga. I wanted him to check if Dominik was suitable there. Two or three trainings later he shared my opinion on Dominik, who, however, did not find himself in such circumstances. The FASE budget is supplied with money from parents. Compared to us, it’s a cosmos. They have everything. A sea of possibilities. These are children from good homes. Dominik did not feel it and gave up training in FASE. Coach Ozga, however, had an eye on him all the time and recalled when he was leading Świt Skolwin [Szczecin]. And came to us for Dziąbek when he was already a junior. We didn’t block anything, we let the boy go, we wanted him to spread his wings, says Kremer.

In Świt it was just a moment and he moved to the 3rd league. At the age of 16, Dziąbek made his debut at this level. In October 2018, Paweł Ozga left Świt, Dominik had fewer and fewer chances. Sławomir Kramer decided that, therefore, his ward must return to Hutnik. He saw no point in 18-year-old Dominik playing as last in queue, not developing further, while in Hutnik he had a place in the first team. The next stop is Chrobry.

Before we talk about Głogów, it is worth going back a few years. In 2017 and 2018, the future player of Chrobry participated in the World Cup of Children from Care Home held every year in Poland (Legia Warsaw facilities). The white and red team twice won the bronze medal with him as the captain. He was chosen the best player of the tournament. He participated in the World Cup thanks to play in the Championship of Poland.

The process of moving from Championship of Poland to the World Cup team is about selection. The coach of the national team, observing the struggles of young people, selects fifteen from among several hundred participants. Chosen players go to the group from which top ten will be selected. A week before the World Cup there is a training camp for this selected group. The aforementioned fifteen have a preparatory camp that decides who is to represent Poland.

– Not only did I meet guys from other countries, I could face foreign opponents, watch how they behave on the pitch during the competition, but I also gained valuable experience. It was a fun experience, but also learning, I will not forget these moments for the rest of my life – admits Dziąbek.

And the fact that we get a film script in all this … yes, the creators of the Disney XD Polska station also thought so. The station belongs to Disney-ABC Television Group. They made the movie “In the pursuit of winning” about Dominik. Dominik’s motto in life is to be 100% prepared every day.

All my experiences helped me a lot later in life. They allowed me to believe in myself, directed my head to positive thinking. They made me realize that if one wants something, one has to fight for it. The demons of the past sometimes came back, there were times when I felt the absence of a normal family. But you have to cope. The football allowed me to forget about the unpleasantness. It gave me freedom. Thanks to coach Sławomir I am playing football now. I wouldn’t have had that chance. I wouldn’t even be in the club – explains the young player.

Kremer: – Dominik has added work to his talent. He was quickly moved to the upper age categories. And as he defended his position higher, he then grew to become the leader of this team. He was the leading figure in the national team. He helped the staff. He got an invitation from Bartek Ignacik to the “Turbokozak” program. The TV performance was great! Smiling, open, he is not ashamed to be at the care home. I always say it’s a shame to steal, not to be ashamed of where you’re from.

In “Turbokozak” Dziąbek showed outstanding skills. He could show the best version of himself there. He was 8th in the 2017/18 season classification. In addition, he broke the record in juggling with a rugby ball – 50 times.

Chrobry, just like coach Kramer, give Dominik Dziąbek the opportunities not to end up with hope alone. The rest is up to the player. – Using our contacts, we managed to take him to Chrobry. When I was about to pick up Dominik, coach Ivan Djurdjević announced that the boy is staying with them. “A lot of work ahead of him, but he has something.” The fact that he signed a contract with Chrobry is our little success – adds coach of Dominik Dziąbek from Sternik Szczecin.

– First, there were supposed to be tests in the second team [started on January 21], where he showed himself very well. He also performed well in the first team, hence the decision to stay with us for longer. He is fast, has good ball control, technically advanced, good dribbling, and he is comfortable in one-on-one duels. Left or right midfielder. Dynamic, lively. We needed someone like that. It’s a big unknown, but based on what we saw during the two sparring matches, we are optimistic. A boy without complexes, we will do everything we can to develop him – says Djurdjević.

In this way, the boy from Sternik will have the opportunity to compete at the central level. The name of the club seems to matter in all of this. Sternik [eng. Helmsman] managed his career in such a way that he rose high. – It is a great opportunity and ennoblement for me. If there is a chance, you have to fight for what is yours – says Dziąbek.

– Our young boys of say now that they would like to be like Dominik. For the youngest, it is an impulse to work even harder. A signal that you can stand out in all circumstances. We set up a club to gather funds for shoes, to go to a training camp. Then, send to Hutnik more talented players. And we have our pupil at the central level – Kremer is bursting with pride.


Captain of the Polish National Team of Children from Care Homes joins the 1st league!
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