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(Polski) XIV Mistrzostwa Polski 2023

(Polski) XIII Mistrzostwa Polski i Mistrzostwa Ukrainy

(Polski) XI Mistrzostwa Polski 2020

We have visit orphanage house in Kathmandu

About us

“Hope for Mundial” association was established to help children from Care Homes in the completion of their plans and dreams. Previously we were called “Hope for Euro”.

We want to prove the children, that when one believes in them everything is possible, even to organize the World Cup of Children from Care Homes. We realize that for these kids it is one of the few opportunities to realize their innermost dreams, as well as the possibility of a better start in adult life. Meeting the peers from around the world and competition on a football field in the national shirt, gives children from Care Homes the opportunity to represent their country and a sense of self-esteem and dignity.

We want to give children from Care Homes not only “Hope for Mundial” but also start in a better future. Therefore we also run project “Wake up Your Dreams” – a nationwide talent competition for children from care facilities (link). We are also working on creating a portal connecting Care Homes with donors and volunteers. Through our activities we want to initiate a social movement which goal is the most complete integration of children with the world outside childcare facilities. We believe that working together with all those who have the welfare of children from Care Homes at heart, we will wake up their extraordinary, creative energy, and help their most hidden dreams come true.

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”Hope for Mundial” Association

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Andrzej Szumański
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Dorota Lubańska
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Sylwester Trześniewski
President of Association
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