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Dzisiaj wspomnimy występ reprezentacji Łotwy na VIII Mistrzostwach Świata. Jest to jednocześnie ostatnia drużyna w naszej serii postów, w której…
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Czarnogóra już ósmy raz pojawiła się na naszych mistrzostwach w Warszawie. W tym roku na turniej przyjechała siódemka reprezentantów. Trafiając…
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Jordania w drodze do Polski do pokonania miała ponad 4000 km. Wylosowana została do grupy D razem z Francją, Litwą,…
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Hope for Mundial

The "Hope for Mundial" Association has been working to help children from care home for over 13 years.

We organize the World Cup of Children from Care Homes in Football.

So far, we have organized 14 editions of the Polish Championships and 7 editions of the World Cup, in which over 6,000 children from 45 countries have participated.

Through organizing the Championships, we want to prove to the children that if they believe in themselves, anything is possible, and we want to give them a chance to fulfill their innermost dreams. 


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Previous championships

14th Polish Championship 2023

The 14th Polish Championship of Children from Care Homes 2023 was held on April 29, 2023, with nearly 350 players from all over Poland.

1st Croatian International Championship 2023

The 1st Croatian International Championship of Children from Care Homes in Football was held on April 15, 2023. The tournament was attended by 10 teams ...

13th Polish Championship 2022

On June 5, 2022, more than 600 young soccer players from Poland and Ukraine took part in the largest-ever sports event for children from care homes...


Do you want to become a volunteer and help children from care homes? Experience unforgettable moments and meet extraordinary people from all around the world?

We are looking for committed, responsible individuals with a positive attitude, full of energy and ideas, and above all, a willingness to help.

Contact us today: 
[email protected] 
• FB: Hope for Mundial
• Instagram: hopeformundial
or fill out the application form: https://forms.gle/8RzipXeJU9ri1oVs6 https://forms.gle/8RzipXeJU9ri1oVs6

Volunteers are engaged in helping to organize Championships of Children from Care Homes in Football. They assist in organizing the World Cup of Children from Care Homes.
Volunteers' tasks include:

- Taking care of the teams;
- Working at information points;
- Packing bags with gifts for tournament participants;
- Assisting with the opening and closing ceremonies;
- Documenting tournaments through film and photography.

You can also join the social media team of the "Hope for Mundial" Association (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube) and participate in other activities such as fundraising or putting up posters.