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3rd World Championship 2015

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In the 3rd World Football Championship for Children from Orphanages, which took place on June 13-14 […]

In the 3rd World Football Championship for Children from Orphanages, which took place on June 13-14 this year. at the city stadium at ul. Łazienkowska 3 in Warsaw, nearly 300 young players from care and educational institutions from 27 countries around the world took part.

In the third edition of this largest tournament in the world for children from orphanages, young footballers from Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Jordan, Thailand, Tunisia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus, Croatia, Ireland, Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine played Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Serbia, France and Poland.

The title of World Champion was won by the team from the Netherlands, the silver medal went to the Polish team, and the third place on the podium was taken by the representatives of Russia.
Football connects and allows you to dream. I don’t see a problem with one of these players playing in one of the best clubs in the future, said Grzegorz Krychowiak, this year’s Europa League champion, who was a guest at the Championship. The high level of football skills of the young players was also praised by Zbigniew Boniek, president of the Polish Football Association, and Adam Nawałka, coach of the Polish national team, who were present at the tournament.
The young players also received valuable advice and support from football stars who refereed the matches on the first day of the tournament, and on the second day, together with the best players of the tournament, they played in the Poland vs. Rest of the World exhibition match. 6,500 fans applauded from the Legia stands, children playing side by side, including: with Dariusz Dziekanowski, Jarosław Gilewicz, Jacek Krzynówek, Maciej Szczęsny, Tomasz Kłos, Frank Verlaat (Ajax Amsterdam), Sergei Alejnikov (Juventus Turin), Aleksandar Vuković (Legia) and Raimondo Marino (Lazio Rome).

The championship closed with the final gala, during which the winners of individual awards also appeared on stage. Six-year-old Ervin Lillo from Estonia received the award for the Youngest Player. The youngest competitor of the Championships, Jessica Silva from Portugal, was a year older. Dutchman Imran Oulad Omar was the Best Player, Jose Angel Torres Verduzco from Mexico was the Best Scorer and Bohdan Venta from Ukraine was the Best Goalkeeper of the Championship. The tournament’s Best Player, Anoud Emad Yousef from Jordan, was also warmly applauded.
Cups, diplomas and prizes were also received by: the team from Estonia – the Youngest Team of the tournament, representatives of Turkey, voted the Most Joyful Team, and players from Jordan, chosen as the Fair Play Team of the tournament.

Prizes also went to the winners of sponsorship competitions. Bohdan Venta from Ukraine won the goalkeeping competition, and Pavel Galkin from Russia won the goalscoring competition. Representatives of the Disney

After presenting cups, medals and prizes to the winners, all teams were invited to the stage. Each of them was accompanied by a diplomatic representative of the embassy of the country the players came from. All teams participating in the tournament received a commemorative statuette and a diploma, each player received a bag with gifts, which were filled by the Sponsors, Organizers and Partners of the Championship.


Summary of the 3rd World Championship games

Groupa A

Poland I1831:0

Group A match results:

Poland 3-0 Jordan
Ukraine 4-0 Ireland
Germany 0-4 France
Croatia 0-11 Poland
Jordan 0-4 Ukraine
Ireland 1-1 Germany
France 5-0 Croatia
Poland 4-0 Ukraine
Jordan 0-2 Ireland
Germany 3-0 Croatia
France 3-0 Jordan
Poland 3-0 Ireland
Ukraine 1-0 Germany
Croatia 1-3 Jordan
France 0-1 Poland
Ireland 3-0 Croatia
Jordan 1-2 Germany
France 0-1 Ukraine
Poland 9-0 Germany
Ukraine 4-0 Croatia
Ireland 2-4 France

In group A, after the first series of matches, three teams showed good style as favorites to reach the knockout phase of the Championship. Poland, Ukraine and France confidently won their first matches, defeating Jordan, Ireland and Germany, respectively.

In the following matches, the Poles, led by captain Bartek Długosz and sniper Kamil Maślaniak, went like a storm, beating their opponents by several goals, without losing any, and ultimately taking first place in the group with an incredible goal balance of 31-0.
Ukraine came second, losing only to Poland, gaining all points in the remaining matches and thus reaching the knockout phase of the World Championship. The promotion was decided by a 1-0 win against France, a direct rival to the second place in the group.

France, narrowly losing to both Poland and Ukraine, ultimately found itself in third place in Group A, being one step away from advancing to the next phase of the tournament. The French left a good impression, playing strong and relentless. They fought as hard as they could in every match and narrowly missed out on a place in the quarterfinals!

Fourth place went to the Irish, who scored 7 points, beating Jordan and Croatia, and tied with Germany, who also scored 7 points in the group stage, but were inferior to the Irish in their goalscoring rate.

In group A, the Jordan team, well-known from last year, also played well and impressed the gathered observers with their joy of playing – this team’s performances were watched with a smile, they showed how to enjoy every match in the World Championships! They were led into battle by the Championship’s Best Player, Anoud Emad Yousef.

The group was complemented by Croatia, the youngest team in this group, which, however, did not intend to make the task easier for any of its rivals and competed fiercely in every match until the last whistle!

Group B

Bosnia and Herzegovina48:20

Group B match results:

Portugal 4-0 Mexico
Serbia 6-1 Estonia
Türkiye 4-0 Slovenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-7 Portugal
Mexico 1-2 Serbia
Estonia 0-7 Türkiye
Slovenia 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Portugal 3-0 Serbia
Mexico 15-0 Estonia
Türkiye 2-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Slovenia 1-4 Mexico
Portugal 9-0 Estonia
Serbia 0-1 Türkiye
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-3 Mexico
Slovenia 0-7 Portugal
Estonia 1-4 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mexico 1-2 Türkiye
Slovenia 0-6 Serbia
Portugal 2-0 Türkiye
Serbia 6-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Estonia 2-4 Slovenia

In Group B, Portugal was the clear favorite from the very beginning, as it was able to impose its style of play on each of its rivals and dominated all matches from start to finish. Forward Leandro played great, as did the Youngest Player of the Championship, Jessica Silva.

The fight for second place in this group was very exciting. Serbia and Turkey performed great throughout the tournament, they were kept up by Mexico, which scored goals, and Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina created difficult conditions for their opponents in each match, and Estonia performed bravely.
Ultimately, Portugal took first place in the knockout phase, winning all the points and scoring an incredible 32 goals without conceding any! In each match they showed how well-trained they were technically, without playing selfishly – it was a beautiful demonstration of effective team play at the highest level. Most observers saw Portugal as the main favorite for the final triumph in the entire World Championship!

After an exciting battle, the Turkish team took second place in the group! The decisive factor was the 1-0 win against Serbia – a match full of emotions that provided the viewers with an unforgettable experience.
Serbia finished the tournament in third place, one step away from advancing to the knockout phase. It was very pleasant to watch the matches of the team from the Balkans, they presented technical football supported by great will to fight. They played without calculation, putting all their strength into every match!

Fourth place went to Mexico, which scored as many as 24 goals! Only Portugal scored more in this group. The Mexicans showed offensive football in every match and enjoyed the game. Their style endeared them to the fans, each of their matches was a spectacle! Mexican striker Angel Torres finally turned out to be the Championship’s Top Scorer!

The equal level of Group B was also guaranteed by Slovenia, with the Most Joyful Player of the Championship, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which scored 4 points each, setting the bar very high for their rivals in each match.

The youngest team not only in this group, but also in the entire 3rd World Championship was friendly Estonia, led by the youngest player in the championship, five-year-old Ervin Lillo! The team, which in previous years had made many friends among peers from all over the world, showed itself at its best this year as well. There were smiles on the Estonians’ faces, they had fun playing the game and at the same time fought to score as many goals as possible in each match – they managed to do it four times!

Group C

Poland II1133:4

Group C match results:

Russia 10-0 Thailand
Tunisia 0-6 Hungary
Poland II 12-1 Macedonia
Belarus 0-0 Russia
Thailand 1-1 Tunisia
Hungary 2-2 Poland II
Macedonia 1-3 Belarus
Russia 7-0 Tunisia
Thailand 0-16 Hungary
Poland II 0-0 Belarus
Macedonia 6-1 Thailand
Russia 2-1 Hungary
Tunisia 0-5 Poland II
Belarus 6-0 Thailand
Macedonia 2-5 Russia
Hungary 2-0 Belarus
Thailand 0-14 Poland II
Macedonia 0-1 Tunisia
Russia 1-0 Poland II
Tunisia 1-6 Belarus
Hungary 7-0 Macedonia

Group C was the most balanced of the groups of the 3rd World Championships for Children from Orphanages. None of the teams in this group scored a full set of points, and none finished the competition without scoring any points. Until the last matches, there was competition for participation in the quarter-finals. None of the observers of this group’s struggles could feel disappointed with the level of competition.

Russia was on top with 16 points. 2014 World Champions, defending champions. This year they were under much more pressure, each of their opponents wanted to perform well against the best team of the previous tournament. Russia bore the burden of being the favorite and did not lose any of the group matches, drawing only goalless with Belarus.

After exciting competitions, the Hungarian team secured promotion to the quarterfinals in the last round. In the end, the win against Belarus and the draw against Poland II were decisive.

The third and fourth places in group C are Poland II and Belarus, respectively. Both teams scored 11 points and were only 2 points short of the promotion place! What an exciting group, where the quarter-finalists were unknown until the last match.

Fifth place went to Tunisia, who collected 4 points and showed a good performance. Macedonia was sixth, playing very offensively, scoring as many as 10 goals in the group games! The next team in group C was Thailand, characterized by great fair play, respect for every rival, and great personal culture.

Group D


Group D match results:

Netherlands 1-0 Colombia
Pakistan 1-1 Spain
Slovakia 1-6 Lithuania
Austria 2-3 Netherlands
Colombia 5-0 Pakistan
Spain 2-1 Slovakia
Lithuania 1-3 Austria
Netherlands 5-0 Pakistan
Colombia 1-0 Spain
Slovakia 0-4 Austria
Lithuania 3-3 Colombia
Netherlands 5-0 Spain
Pakistan 1-2 Slovakia
Austria 2-0 Colombia
Lithuania 1-3 Netherlands
Spain 0-1 Austria
Colombia 3-1 Slovakia
Lithuania 4-1 Pakistan
Netherlands 4-0 Slovakia
Pakistan 1-2 Austria
Spain 0-2 Lithuania

In group D, it was difficult to pick a favorite in the initial phase of the competition. Great matches at a high level, diverse styles of teams from different continents, minimal wins for individual teams, draws with goals – this was what characterized this group.

Many of the meetings of this group would be suitable for a separate report. High culture of play, offensive actions, many goals and fierce matches – these games were really great to watch.

Thanks to smart, effective and tactical play, the Netherlands – a team that is among the favorites of the event every year – was at the top of Group D after a complete set of victories.

The dark horse turned out to be Austria, which narrowly lost (2:3) to the Netherlands, winning the remaining matches in its favor and taking second place, with the bonus of advancing to the quarterfinals!

Third and fourth are Colombia and Lithuania. Both teams scored 10 points, scored a lot of goals, but conceded a lot. Both played forward football, focusing more on attack than defense. The fans really liked the style of play of these teams, they guaranteed emotions and were pleasant to watch in action.
The other teams in Group D are Spain, Slovakia and Pakistan. Each of them left a good impression, each scored several goals and often scared the favorites. Very even, high level of competition.


Ukraine1-1,karne 2-0Portugalia

Poland 1-0 Türkiye

On the second day of the World Championships, Poles and Turks were the first to take to the field. Even though the stake of the match was to advance to the semi-finals, neither team made any calculations.

From the beginning, we witnessed offensive play and many goal-scoring situations. Action for action, shot for shot, the duel was very fierce and even.

Finally, the Poles managed to find a way into the Turkish goal and could enjoy a one-goal lead. From the moment they lost the goal, the Turks started to attack. They attacked with passion and wanted to achieve a draw at all costs. However, the Polish defense line played effectively, preventing any dangerous goal situations.

Ultimately, it was the Poles who, after a modest 1-0 victory, found themselves in the medal phase of the 3rd World Championships!

Ukraine 1-1 p. 2-0 Portugal

The second match of the knockout phase was the Ukraine-Portugal match. What a wonderful spectacle it was! Anyone who hasn’t seen it should regret it.

In the initial phase of the match, the Ukrainians looked slightly stressed, which the Portuguese took advantage of, creating several clear scoring opportunities. One of them was converted into a goal giving the lead in the match. From then on, Portugal seemed content with their modest advance and tried to control the match wisely.

Ukrainians, who at that moment had nothing to lose, suddenly believed in themselves. It was a moment when the team’s incredible return to competition could be seen with the naked eye. It was chilling to watch the Ukrainian surge to make up for the losses. They played with passion, teamwork and ambition. They fought for every inch of the pitch and worked tirelessly to score the equalizing goal. For their attitude, they were rewarded with a goal at 1-1, which led to a penalty shootout!
The Ukrainian goalkeeper Bohdan Venta was undoubtedly the hero there, as he brilliantly defended two penalty kicks taken by the Portuguese. His colleagues responded with two accurate goals and Ukraine, after an amazing match, reached the semi-finals of the World Cup!

Russia 3-0 Austria

The third quarter-final match is a clash between the current World Champions – Russia, and the tournament’s dark horse – Austria.

After great performances in the group stage, this time the Austrians seemed a bit scared and showed too much respect for their successful rival. In this match, the Russians were in a class of their own, they showed football at a masterful level. From the beginning to the end, the match was under their control, they were not satisfied with the lead, constantly striving to increase it, and the signals to attack were given to their teammates by Pavel Galkin and Vladimir Lugovykh.

Austria tried to fight back with counter-attacks, created goal opportunities, but was unable to convert them into a goal.

Ultimately, the match ended with a certain victory for the Russians 3-0 and another step towards defending the championship title by this team. Austria can be proud of itself, it reached the quarterfinals and turned out to be the dark horse of the World Championship.

Hungary 0-1 Netherlands

The fourth quarter-final was the most even match. Two tough, strong, tactically well-organized teams. Additionally, they can attack with passion and flair. The match promised to be exciting and lived up to expectations.

Lots of shots, great saves by the goalkeepers, good organization of the game – none of these elements were missing in this quarter-final spectacle.

Oranje turned out to be slightly better, and after a great team effort, they scored what turned out to be the only goal in this match and modestly defeated the Hungarians 1-0.

The Netherlands in the semi-final, the Hungarians learned the hard way about the rules of the knockout stage – they were not a worse team, but they lost one more goal and said goodbye to the competition. However, they left a great impression. Hungary, respect for your attitude!




Poland 1-0 Russia

In the first semi-final, fate pitted Poland and Russia against each other. This was the set of teams that appeared in last year’s II World Cup grand final! The Poles had an opportunity for a revenge, and the Russians had the opportunity to confirm that they are the better team.

The match was played at a breakneck pace from the start. Crazy attacks by both, all-out fight, lots of great shots, tough fights. What a spectacle it was!

Poles kept the ball more often, but they did not play for long, but tried to create a goal situation as quickly as possible. The Russian goalkeeper did great, saving the team from losing a goal time and time again. The Poles had many set pieces – throw-ins, corner kicks and free kicks, but they were unable to convert any of them into a goal.

Throughout the match, Russia showed that it had no intention of giving up the World Champion title, it played with passion and dedication, often posing a threat in front of the Polish goal.

While many observers wondered whether the match would end in a goalless draw, the Poles continued to try to resolve the match in their favor during regular time.
After another corner kick, Dominik Ptaszyński performed brilliantly, receiving the ball with his right foot with his back to the goal, then turning brilliantly with the Russian defender “on his back” and placing the ball into the net with a precise shot with his left foot!

There was a frenzy of joy among the Poles, for whom this goal turned out to be the winner and ensured their participation in the grand final! A successful rematch of last year’s final, Poland was preparing for the gold medal match, Russia was waiting for an opponent to fight for the bronze medals.

Ukraine 0-1 Netherlands

In the second semi-final, Ukraine, elated by its great victory over Portugal, and the Netherlands met, which after a close match turned out to be slightly better than the Hungarians.
The level of fighting and ferocity in this match was very high. Both teams were aware of the stakes of the match and intended to reach the grand final.

The Dutch were better tactically, and the Ukrainians attacked with more passion. The game was played sometimes under one penalty area, sometimes under the other. Fast pace, precise actions, a match worthy of the World Cup semi-finals!

After one of the Ukrainian charges, the Dutch, who love such situations, took over the ball. They quickly got to the opponent’s goal with quick passes and, taking advantage of their numerical advantage, they scored a beautiful goal in a counterattack!

From then on, the Netherlands retreated slightly into defense, allowing Ukraine to play the game and waiting for another successful counterattack.

The Ukrainians tried to turn the tide of the match until the very end, but this time they failed and the Netherlands reached the grand final.

Match for 3rd place

Russia1-1, penalties 3-1Ukraine

Russia 1-1 k. 3-1 Ukraine

The match for the bronze medals of the 3rd World Championships for Children from Orphanages promised to be extremely interesting. Opposite each other was last year’s World Champion – Russia, and the most courageous team of the tournament – Ukraine.

The first minutes were already full of emotions, after the first plays the fans gathered in the stands knew that it would be an offensive match in which each team would give their all.

The stakes of the meeting didn’t paralyze anyone, it even gave them wings. Despite the difficult semi-final match against the Poles, the Russians looked great physically, tried to dominate their opponent and quickly score a goal. The Ukrainians, who met the favorites, Portugal and the Netherlands, in the knockout phase, despite the most difficult “ladder” of matches, continued to play with passion and commitment, winning the sympathy of observers.

In the match for 3rd place, no one was going to defend, both teams attacked and wanted to win in an impressive way. As a result, both scored one goal and the bronze medalists had to be selected in a penalty shootout – emotions worthy of the “small final” of the World Cup!

The Russians were better in the penalty shootout, winning against Ukraine 3-1. Russia with bronze medals of the 3rd World Championships for Children from Orphanages! The Ukrainians must be proud of their attitude throughout the tournament, they played at the absolute top, showing character and will to fight in each match.

After the match, a great picture – Russians and Ukrainians embraced each other as they left the pitch together. Bravo Russia, bravo Ukraine!



Poland 0-3 Netherlands

In the grand finale, old, good friends, Poland and the Netherlands, met. These teams competed against each other in this phase of the competition in 2013. Then, after a sensational match, full of twists and turns, with a hail of goals scored, the Poles turned out to be better, winning 3-2 and winning the title of World Champions. Fate pitted these teams against each other again in the gold medal match and allowed national anthems to be heard before the decisive match.

Television cameras aimed at the participants of this spectacle, filled stands, loud cheering of fans, Jacek Kurowski commenting on the match, the presence of the coach of the Polish national team Adam Nawałka, Sevilla star Grzegorz Krychowiak, and many great personalities from the world of football – a setting worthy of the final of a great world event, the 3rd Championship Children’s World from Orphanages “Hope for the Mundial”!

The match’s stake was the gold medals of the World Championships and this could be felt by the players’ attitude. Mutual “research” of the opponent, reasonable defensive play, and good tactical organization of both teams – this was the beginning of the gold medal match.

After the initial phase, the Dutch team started to look better. Oranje’s players seemed more calm, they were able to pull off some quick moves and gain self-confidence faster. The Poles played relentlessly, but a bit too chaotically and nervously.

After one of the quick actions, the Dutch managed to find their way to the goal guarded by Daniel Karczewski, 1-0 – Imran Oulad Omar scored the goal!

The Poles tried to quickly recover from the loss of the goal and respond quickly. The Dutch confirmed their great tactical preparation and wisely waited for the opponent’s attacks to immediately create goal opportunities after taking over the ball.

After one of these interceptions, another fantastic team effort and after exchanging quick passes, Omar scores the second goal! The Netherlands led 2-0 and seemed to be in full control of the match.
From the moment they lost the second goal, the Poles put everything on one card, attacked with the entire team, trying to make up for the losses. However, the ball did not find its way into the Dutch goal.

At the end of the match, Imran took advantage of the Poles’ offensive attitude and completed his hat trick with a perfect lob! 3-0 for the Netherlands, 3 goals from this amazing player!

The Dutch took a successful revenge for the final from two years ago, deservedly winning the title of World Champions! Poles with silver medals around their necks can be proud of their achievement and the title of World Vice-Champions! Both teams received a standing ovation from the fans, after which the Dutch performed the World Champions Dance, singing loudly and joyfully to the delight of the fans, observers and surrounding media!

3<sup>rd</sup> World Championship 2015
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