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New year is coming – year of football

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New year is coming – year of football. In 2018, Russia is organizing the FIFA World […]

New year is coming – year of football. In 2018, Russia is organizing the FIFA World Cup. We also, in July, organize the 6th World Cup of Children from Care Homes.

Although the best teams in the world will play in Russia, I prefer our Championships! There is no favorite here, no one has ever been able to defend the title of World Champion. None of the teams can be denied engagement, all of them fight to the end of their strength. There is no unlawful doping, hatred or anger.

Although you come from all over the world, you have different skin colors, different religions – football connects you!

How great is the strength of football, thanks to which you speak one language, you become one family during the World Cup – that’s why I prefer our Championships!

For one of our pupils we bought football shoes because she couldn’t afford them. Every time she shows me what great shoes she has and at the games she approaches other players who have the same shoes and talk about their advantages. This is probably the best gift I ever gave to another person.

The captain of the Polish national team, 16-year-old Dominik Dziąbek, played his first matches in the third league club, to which he got engagement after our World Cup. Talent hunters are waiting for people like you. Remember that in addition to talent, you need intense work during trainings. If you reach perfection, I am convinced that soon we will hear your names in the best clubs in the world.

The beauty of football gives us the opportunity to test ourselves, overcome difficulties, and learn to be gentle, for example, when we correctly pass the ball and strength – when we shoot with all our strength at the goal. This is the magic of football!

We invite children from around the world to the 6th World Cup organized in Poland. You will represent your country, and one of the teams, that will be able to win the World Champion title, will be awarded a cup – the winning cup!

We are waiting for the whole football family in July 2018!

New year is coming – year of football
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