V World Cup 2017 – Knock Out Phase

The V Football World Cup is over!

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The fifth, jubilee, Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes has ended. When we, the […]

The fifth, jubilee, Football World Cup of Children from Care Homes has ended.

When we, the organizers, stood on stage, saying goodbye to children from dozens of countries, I was enormously moved. I was saying goodbye to a football family, a wonderfully integrated youth from all over the world. You showed how you can have fun, gave a show of respect to your opponent and presented incredible will to fight for victory. Team from Spain is 2017 World Champion.

What they showed on the scene after winning  the World Cup was a winning dance of happiness. I am confident that at the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia one can learn from Spanish team how to celebrate success. But on the pitch there situation was different. When the Spaniards won the championship in the last match, they enjoyed for a moment and then thanked the Russian team for their fight.

The conclusion is only one – you create this wonderful atmosphere and you show the world that it is just enough to believe in you, and you’ll create such great atmosphere that it’s difficult to forget about you. I’m counting on you to start a professional career. Your friend from Jordan Anoud Emad Yousef plays in Jordan National Team and a Dutch player in the first league Dutch club.

Krzysiek Kot, coach of the Polish National Team that took third place, was goalkeeper of the polish team who won the World Cup in 2013. I know that after the Championships two boys from this year’s Polish National Team were invited to professional football school.

In Poland we are organizing national championship for eight years already. Every year about 40 teams takes part in this tournament. We help organize Championship of Germany, Thailand and other countries. Write to us, we will try to organize the Championship in your countries.

There is nothing more pleasant than the smile of a happy child. This was our experience at this year’s World Cup.

I sincerely thank all the organizers and sponsors.

See you in a year!

The V Football World Cup is over!
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