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7th World Cup recruitment – welcome!

We are pleased to welcome you to the 7th World Cup of Children from Care Homes! All willing teams are invited. To register the team please send filled, stamped and signed Application Form to the address [email protected]nadziejanamundial.pl. We accept scan or good quality photo of the document. The form can be also sent via ground mail to the address: „Hope for Mundial” Association, Floriana 3/5 str., 04-664 Warsaw, Poland with annotation „7th World Cup Team Registration Form”. During registration in Poland, after team arrival, the rest of documents should be presented:

  • Original of Application Form (stamped and signed) with the latest list of players,
  • Individual Medical Certificate OR Group Medical Certificate for all the team members, stating that they their health condition allows them to take part in the Championship. The Declaration should be issued by a doctor who takes preventive care over the given care organization.
  • Publicity release and Consent to Personal Data Processing forms for each player (minor) signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Publicity release and Consent to Personal Data Processing forms for each adult signed by the adult (applies to coach and caregiver)

A few words about this year’s tournament. We invite children – both boys and girls – born in year 2002 and younger (2003, 2004 etc). All players should be pupils of care facility (one or many) or be subject to foster care. Maximum team count – 10 players and 2 caregivers. For such team composition our Association provides accommodation from Friday July 12thuntil Monday July 15th (3 nights), meals, medical assistance, sport uniforms (excluding shoes), transportation within Warsaw during tournament and many attractions. Other details are described in Regulations. This year we also introduced separate rules for recruitment for clarification.

All documents mentioned above you can find below, ready for download. In case of questions or doubts please send us email to our registration address ([email protected]nadziejanamundial.pl) or give us a call (+48 511 367 030).

We are waiting for you! The number of teams is limited – first come first served!


World Cup regulations 2019 (EN)

World Cup recruitment regulations 2019 (EN)

Team Application Form 2019 (EN)

Group medical certificate World Cup 2019 (EN)

Individual medical ceritificate WORLD CUP 2019 (EN)

Publicity release – adult WORLD CUP 2019 (EN)

Publicity release – child WORLD CUP 2019 (EN)

 7th World Cup personal data constent (adult) (EN)

7th World Cup personal data constent (minor) (EN)


Regulamin MŚ 2019 (PL)

Regulamin rekrutacji MŚ 2019 (PL)

Formularz – zgłoszenie drużyny MŚ 2019 (PL)

Oświadczenie lekarskie – zbiorowe MŚ 2019 (PL)

Oświadczenie lekarskie – indywidualne MŚ 2019  (PL)

Zgoda na publikację wizerunku – dorośli MŚ 2019  (PL)

Zgoda na publikację wizerunku – dzieci MŚ 2019  (PL)

 Zgoda na przetwarzanie danych osobowych (dorośli) MŚ 2019 (PL)

Zgoda na przetwarzanie danych osobowych (dzieci) MŚ 2019 (PL)

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